About Us

What we do? 

Into Opera are starting a creative revolution. Our mission is to get people who aren’t particularly into opera… into opera.

We are doing this by creating productions, bespoke education projects and curating imaginative events which aim to engage, connect and resonate with specific audiences or potential participants. 

In this way, we hope to create a range of work which has real meaning and value for different people, from different backgrounds at different points in time.

Our ambition is to bring communities together in new and unusual ways to experience opera and to simultaneously create unique, memorable and sometimes even life-changing experiences for those communities.

We’re asking people to trust us – give an opera experience with us a go. You never know, you might discover that you’re into opera after all… 

 Why we do what we do?

There seems to be quite a stigma attached to opera prompting comments such as… it’s old fashioned, hard to understand, silly, expensive, high-brow, not relevant today and certainly… ‘not for me’… 

But that’s not the full story, it doesn’t have to be like that… it’s often not like that at all. And we want to prove that. There is so much amazing work and innovative thinking taking place in the opera industry. We want to show you that!

We want to prove how fresh, engaging and relevant opera can be. We will create high quality opera experiences which are affordable and don’t break the bank. We are starting a creative revolution to overturn this negative stigma and instead, enthuse communities about the potential of this art form. We want to convince you about the ability of opera to bring people together, to tell compelling stories and to make us think about questions that are relevant and important to the society and world in which we live today.

Give us a chance?


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