About Us

What we do? 

Into Opera are starting a creative revolution. Our mission is to get more people into opera. Our job is to create imaginative, inventive and life changing ways for communities and individuals across the UK to encounter, enjoy and be a part of the future of opera. 

 Why we do what we do?

We’re always keeping track: grades, achievements, calories, friends, likes… 
But at what point do we stop number-crunching and measuring ourselves by some facts and figures?

We’re not static.

We’re creative, emotional, leaders, learners.

We deserve to be moved, enlightened and entertained.

We deserve more drama, more music, more love, more risks, more laughter, more tears, more opera.

It’s time we immersed ourselves in more of this.

It’s time we immersed ourselves in opera.

It’s time more of us got Into Opera.

 Why Opera?

We believe there is no greater form of storytelling than opera, where all the elements of art combine to form one compelling experience.

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