Creative Team

A King’s Ransom 

Patrick Hawes – Composer

Andrew Hawes – Librettist

Genevieve Raghu – Stage Director

Tom Floyd – Music Director

Michael Pavelka – Designer 

Natasha Khamjani – Choreographer

 “A King’s Ransom celebrates mystery, beauty and community. It will introduce young people to the basic building blocks of opera – music, song, movement, visual arts, direct expression of emotion, and the capacity of opera for complex multi –dimensional interaction of characters. This project is extremely valuable because it values the capacity of young people, it celebrates the values essential to community life – co-operation between men and women, children and adults.” Andrew Hawes, Librettist


Patrick Hawes and his brother Andrew Hawes, our Composer and Librettist for ‘A King’s Ransom’.

“It is always a joy to work with my brother Andrew. We are really enjoying the experience of revising and extending the opera – we have lots of laughs!” Patrick Hawes, Composer


Genevieve Raghu, Into Opera Founder and Stage Director with Patrick Hawes

“I have absolutely no doubt that Genny is the right person to take A King’s Ransom to a new level and to new audiences. Since we met five years ago, we have come to realise that our creative instincts are very similar, and I have been in agreement with every single comment she has made about the opera and how we make it as entertaining and well-structured as possible. The thing I love most about Genny is her passion – closely followed by the fact she is a perfectionist (so am I!)”  Patrick Hawes, Composer