A King’s Ransom


A King’s Ransom is an imaginative education project offering children aged 7-11 an empowering first encounter of opera. Into Opera deliver approximately 80 workshops over 16 weeks bringing children into contact with a range of professional artists including a music director, stage director, orchestra, choreographer, designer, librettist, composer and lighting designer. Furthermore, these 4 primary schools have the opportunity to work together to ultimately stage A King’s Ransom an opera written for children to sing by renowned classical composer, Patrick Hawes

A King’s Ransom… the story:

A King’s Ransom reimagines the story of Robin Hood. But there’s just one problem… where’s Robin? Faced with the threats of the soldiers, and their King imprisoned, what will the villagers do when Robin can’t be found?

This project was launched in Norfolk and ran between September 2017 – February 2018. A thorough evaluation process proved that children participating in A King’s Ransom:

  • Grew in confidence and self belief
  • Learnt about discipline and perseverance
  • Developed their social skills (communication, empathy, building new friendships)
  • Became strong team players understanding the value of collaboration
  • Felt proud of themselves and their achievements
  • Saw the benefits of trying something new

 Feedback from a teacher:

“*****’s time in the Opera project has enabled her to develop confidence when interacting with individuals who are not her firm friends. It appears that she is interacting with her peers more within the classroom, discussing work and working collaboratively on challenging tasks.”

Feedback from a parent:

“My son ******* absolutely adored his experience with the opera. He went from having very little interest in the performing arts prior to the start of the project, to a child who is always singing around the house, and proudly mentioning to anyone who will listen that he’s been “in an opera.” For a child who sometimes struggles with issues of focus and self-esteem, this has been an amazing leap forward for him.” 

Feedback from a child:

“I’ve been inspired so much to be my best and give everything a go.”

“I feel really proud of myself. A bit like I’ve conquered the world.”

This project also includes an accompanying book of education resources Inspiring Creativity in the Classroom encouraging teachers to explore A King’s Ransom across the Key Stage Two curriculum. 

A King’s Ransom has been an exciting way for children to complete Arts Award and useful to contribute towards a school gaining their Arts Mark. 

To find out more about how our four schools got on in Norfolk take a look at our schools blog which teachers and pupils used to share their A King’s Ransom Journey.  

Into Opera are looking to deliver this project several times between 2018 – 2021. If you would like to see A King’s Ransom taking place in your school or county then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

We believe that all children, irrespective of background, deserve to have access to a high quality cultural education and this project promises to provide this. There is an urgent need for high quality, multidisciplinary arts projects to be run professionally in schools and this project promises to do exactly that.