Into Opera care deeply about a sustainable future for opera. We want to understand motivations which could encourage new audiences for opera and how young people of today might get into opera.

So, we teamed up with a brilliant group from Cass Business School (pictured below) to carry out a research project on this exact topic.

Marketing Team

Our Research Topic:

UK millennials are less inclined to attend the opera than other forms of arts and culture.

The Topic Overview:

The UK opera industry is currently facing problems consequential of declining audience participation from younger age groups. This is having an adverse impact on the financial sustainability of many opera institutions in the UK to date. In order to ensure the future existence of opera as a cultural activity, it is critical for these organisations to understand how to attract younger audiences.

The Specified Research Questions:

1. What deters UK millennials from attending opera?

2. What are UK millennials’ attitudes toward opera?

3. What characteristics do UK millennials attribute to opera?

4. What would make opera more appealing to UK millennials?

The results of this study have directly influenced Into Opera’s creative strategy and prompted us to think even more imaginatively about audience development. Please get in touch if you’re interested in hearing about the results of this project.